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"As Executive and Artist Director of the Academy of Strings, I can recommend The String House of Rochester, New York without hesitation. They have provided instruments of outstanding quality and value to our students for over fifteen years. Their willingness to work with our families in their choice of an instrument is in my opinion, second to none in the country. This type of service and genuine interest in matching instrument to musician is hard to come by these days. When you couple sincere help and advice with the highest value pricing I have seen, you end up with a winning combination."

Timothy Barrett
Executive and Artist Director
Academy of Strings, Johnson City, TN

Fine Instruments  

The instruments that represent this segment of our inventory are of the very finest quality.

Knowing that each of these violins, violas, or cellos will some day be in the hands of highly accomplished musicians, and certainly have a profound affect on their lives, is especially gratifying to us. We continually search for exceptional examples of the finest makers.

Our current collection of fine violins, violas, and cellos is comprised of the following makers:


Giorgio Gatti 1906 

Paolo de Barbieri 1925

Paolo de Barbieri 1930

Giuseppe Paganini 1892

H.J. DeLannoy 1755

N. Lambert c.1740

Paul Jombar 1900

Francois Chatelain 1780

Carlo Vettori 1981

Roger & Max Millant 1937

Hornsteiner c.1800

Ernesto DeAngelis 1991

Giuseppe Giacchetti c.1950

Vittorio Villa 2013

Jean Ouvrard 1745

Calvin Baker 1873

English c.1770

Jaap Emner 1947

M.H. Flydal 1926

Gustave August Ficker 1936

19C Bohemian/Amati

Egidius Klotz 1771

Jozsef Schunda Budapest

Maurizio Castellani 2014

Oskar E. Meinel 1934

Johann Gottlob Pfretzschner 1765

J.N. Frost 1936

Turin c.1890

James Reynold Carlisle 1927

Andrius Faruolo 1989

Andrius Faruolo 2008

Luigi Auciello

Eugene Meinel 1922

Ernst Heinrich Roth 1925 

Otto Erdesz c.1970

Marco Nolli 2001

A. Schudtz 2000

A. Schudtz 2001

Ch. J.B. Collin Mezin 1902

Karl Berger 1947

Bert Goodwin 1913, 1929

19th Century German

John Juzek Master 1910




Maurizio Tadioli 2003 16"

Tetsuo Matsuda 1991 16"

Franco Albanelli 1973 16 1/2"

H. Keller & Sons 1993 16"

Chardon et fils c.1910 15 3/4"

George Craske 15 1/2"

Richard Oppelt 1980 16 1/2"

Alfredo Primavera 1980 16 1/2"

D. Tsilimparis 2001 16 1/4"



Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin 1948 15 1/2"

Anthony Wrona 1958 16 1/4"

Anthony Wrona 1974 17"

Otto Erdesz c.1970 (cut out model) 16 1/2"




Francis Borredon 1979

 Charles Harman1997


Lockey Hill ( att. Jos. Panormo)

Marco Gastaldi 2004

Etienne LaPrevotte 1838

Justin Boone 2018

Emile Mennesson 1890

Gerard Mangin c.1830

French c.1910

L. Lowendall c.1900




Ludovicus Guersan 1761 (small 4/4)

Hermann Todt 1922

Giuseppe Martino c.1970

Mittenwald c.1890

Heinrich Gill 2008