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"My experience searching for a fine instrument at The String House was incredibly pleasurable and rewarding. They worked closely with understanding my specific needs in a violin, both in tone color and projection ability, and matched me with several high quality instruments fitting both these qualifications and my price range. Their extensive knowledge, friendly, and uniquely pressure-free environment made the entire process very enjoyable. I am incredibly grateful for the violin I purchased--it has completely exceeded my expectations!"

Lauren Cauley

Trade-in Program  

The String House offers a 100% trade-in policy for violins, violas, cellos, bows, and cases purchased from The String House provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The trade is of an instrument to an instrument or a bow to a bow.
  2. The trade must be of equal or greater value.
  3. The instrument or bow must not have suffered any significant damage in which case The String House will assess damage costs and make proper adjustments.
  4. An instrument or bow may not be traded for store credit.
  5.  The trade in policy does not make the provisions for nor imply that The String House will “Buy back” an instrument or bow.
  6. All instruments and bows must be returned with certification papers if said instrument and bow was originally sold with certification papers.
  7. Bows may be traded at 100% when upgrading to a higher value bow.
  8. Cases may be upgraded at 100% trade-in value only when it is necessary to accommodate a larger instrument.