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"Congratulations to The String House for filling the void that used to exist in finding quality hand-made violas in small sizes. Now one can progress to a larger size all the way to 16 1/2" as one grows, knowing that the quality of instrument will be maintained and the financial trade-in policy be in place. I greatly admire the tasteful craftsmanship in these violas; they provide an ideal voice for the development of each student's individual tone."

William Preucil, Sr
Professor of Music Emeritus
The University of Iowa


To the player the choice of bow is critical to the overall sound of his instrument, and will invariably enhance one's ability to perform. A bow may be selected for any number of reasons, but in the end, the choice is always personal in nature.

From student to virtuoso, The String House has always felt it imperative to provide a wide range of select bows to meet the players needs. Our collection consists of today's fine contemporary makers as well as the English and French masters of the "Old School". The following is a partial list of bows available at The String House:
Violin Bows $20,000-$100,000
Etienne Pajeot 60.9g 
Claude Thomassin 58.0g 
F.N. Voirin S/E 56.0g
Violin Bows $6,000-$19,000
Francois Lotte 62.3g
H.R. Pfretzschner 59.5g
J.W. Knopf 61.1g
Violin Bows $3,600-$5,500
Augagneur-Bergeron S/E 61.1g
Augagneur-Bergeron-Lyon 62.5g
J.M. Philibert S/E 63.3g
P. Serdet S/E 62.2g V125
Siegfried Finkel S/E 63.3g
Otto A. Hoyer 59.0g
Heinz Dolling S/E 64.0g
Albert Nurnberger S/E 62.5g
August Rau S/E 59.3g
Grandini N/E
Marc Laberte Atelier "Didion" 61.8g
Alfons Riedl G/M 61.8g
Richard Grunke*** 60.9
Adolf C. Schuster 61.5g
Manoel Francisco 62.2g
E.M. Penzel (Arnold Voigt) 58.6g
Francois Lotte 55.3g
J.T.L. 59.8g V141
Otto A. Hoyer 63.2g
V.J. Ferelli 59.0g
Ch. Buthod 66.3g
German G/M 56.7g
R. Weichold 60.0g
V.J. Ferelli 59.8 g
Violin Bows $750-$1,200
John Brasil 62.2g
Joseph Sandner S/Eng. 61.4g
Tourte 67.3g
L. Bausch 64.8g
F. Schaeffer Brasil 61.1g
F. Schaeffer Brasil 61.8g
Conrad Gotz*** 65.3g
Grim Berlin 57.3g
Vuillaume a Paris 63.7g
Violin Bows $150-$350
Erich Steiner Brazilwood
 Violin Bows $2,400-$3,500
Manoel Francesco S/E 62.2g
Johs O. Paulus Engraved Silver 63.3g
Horst Schicker G/E 62.2g
Adolf C. Schuster S/E (4) 61.5-62.5g
R. Weichold-Dresden 60.3g
R. Weichold-Dresden 61.1g
Johs O. Paulus 64.2g
Heiko Wunderlich 61.4g
Kenneth Warren & Son 60.3g
John Friedrich & Bro 62.5g
Lothar Seifert 63.5g
Lupot-Paris 60.1g
German w/Lens 64.5g
Violin Bows $1,200-$2,400
Ludwig 64.9g
E. Reidel*** 64.6g
Otto Pfretzschner 63.5g
E. Herrmann 59.5g
Albert Herrmann 59.5g
Otto Adler 55.3g 
J.E. Chorlian 61.1g
Klaus W. Uebel 61.7g
Andreas Uebel 61.4g
Andreas Uebel 61.8g
Ernst Kreusler 60.7g
Valdecir** 61.0g
F. Modenese 62.3g
Jos. Sandner S/Eng 61.6g
Violin Bows $350-$650
CODA - Diamond Series
A. Nardi
R.F. Hoyer
Guy Jeandel
H.C. Pfretzschner
G. Werner (3)
Karl Beck
Vuillaume a Paris
Andreus Morelli
John Brasil (7)
Alessandro Carlesso
Walter Mettal
Leon Pique
Marco Raposo
Raymundo Almeida
Viola Bows $3,000-$40,000
R. Shallock 71.6g
Paul Kanack 73.9g
M. Pereira G/M 71.2g
Nicolas Maline c.1850 70.0g
Georg Lyon Lamy S/E 70.8g
James Tubbs 71.9g VA128
Jean Joseph Martin c.1880 70.0g
William Salchow 68.2g
French c.1840
Malcolm Taylor G/M 69.0g
Malcolm Taylor G/M 72.1g
Garner Wilson S/M 69.1g
J.T.L. France 66.1g
Adolf C. Schuster 70.6g
Richard Grunke 71.3g
Fr. Wunderlich-Leipzig 69.1g
Johs O. Paulus 70.6g
Albert Nurnberger 65.9g
French c.1840 77.7g
H.R. Pfretzschner 68.1g
Viola Bows $900-$3,000
Klaus W. Uebel 71.9g
Andreas Uebel 72.4g
Bausch 64.9g
R. Dotschkail*** 71.0g
Guy Jeandel 70.2g
Guy Jeandel 71.2g
Emil Werner 76.8g
Alfred Knoll 73.4g
Joseph Sandner S/E 69.8g
Viola Bows $400-800
CODA Diamond Series
C. Soares 70.5g
John Brasil 67.4g
Daniel Delcourt 71.0g
Daniel Delcourt 71.5g
Daniel Delcourt 71.3g
Guy Jeandel 71.5g
Viola Bows $180-400
Cello Bows $3,000-$40,000
F.N. Voirin c.1860  77.3g
Edwin Hermann  72.7g 
Armanini Cremona  83.4g
Albert Nurnberger G/M  78.5g
Albert Nurnberger S/M  77.0g
A.R. Bultitude 1966 G/M 78.0g
Garner Wilson  81.3g
Garner Wilson 79.0g
H.R. Pfretzschner 81.7g
Bausch/Knopf Workshop N/E  77.8g
Gottfried Sturm  82.5g
A. Carlesso Peccatte Model  81.5g
W.E. Hill & Sons G/M (Bristow)  79.8g
Charles Bazin  82.4g
Morizot Freres  74.0g
E. Hermann  84.4g
Richard Grunke  80.6g
Roger Zabinski 82.0g
English  78.6g
Cello Bows $450-$3,000
Alfred Knoll  81.7g
W.R. Schuster  84.8g
Andreas Morelli 86.6g
Techler  72.4g
Germany  77.0g
Klaus Uebel S/H  81.2g
T. Siqueira  79.4g
Alexander Langolf  83.3g
F.C. Pfretzschner  76.5g
Schaeffer Brasil  81.5g
T. Pamolin-Brasil 3/4 Size
V.A. Pfeil  75.0g
Klaus W. Uebel  80.7g
Andreas Uebel  82.8g
Bausch  77.5g
CODA Diamond Series
Cello Bows $200-$450
Erich Steiner Brazilwood
BASS BOWS - Pernambuco
Jerome Thibouville-Lamy S/E F
Robert Reichel N/E G
H.R. Pfretzschner Workshop N/E F
A. Carvalho S/E F
A. Carvalho S/E F
Emil Dupree N/E F
Claudmano Santos S/E G
Valdecir N/E G
Unstamped N/E F
Unstamped N/E G
 CODA BOW - CodaBow is the premier family of carbon fiber performance bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. The String House carries the complete line of CODA bows that enhance all levels of performance from student to professional. Please call us for pricing.

ARCOS BRASIL - Committed to quality, Arcos Brasil has been able to produce student bows of remarkable excellence and make their bows as close to perfection as possible. Contact us for pricing and availability.

JON PAUL BOWS - JonPaul Bows strongly support conservation efforts to protect dwindling rain forests and wood supplies. Since their start in 1997, JonPaul Bows has pioneered the use of alternative materials to make great-playing carbon fiber composite bows. They also support the production of wood bows made from existing wood stocks and the responsible harvesting of renewable woods.