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"My experience searching for a fine instrument at The String House was incredibly pleasurable and rewarding. They worked closely with understanding my specific needs in a violin, both in tone color and projection ability, and matched me with several high quality instruments fitting both these qualifications and my price range. Their extensive knowledge, friendly, and uniquely pressure-free environment made the entire process very enjoyable. I am incredibly grateful for the violin I purchased--it has completely exceeded my expectations!"

Lauren Cauley


The String House offers violins, violas, and cellos in all sizes. The advantage of renting from The String House is that the student is supplied with a perfectly adjusted instrument. This will help them to learn to play as opposed to struggling with a poor quality tool that may be available elsewhere. We specialize in violins, violas, and cellos exclusively, so you can be assured of a superior sounding instrument as well as the service you deserve.  The rental includes the instrument, bow, case, rosin, name-tag, and insurance.


Total amount for the selected time period below is due in full at the time of rental.  The best rate is always for a 12 month rental!

  VIOLIN/VIOLA 11-14" VIOLA 15-16 1/2" CELLO 1/10-4/4    
STANDARD QUALITY           Total                  Total          Total 
 3 mo.       $ 95.00     $110.00     $120.00
6 mo.        130.00       140.00       185.00
9 mo.        145.00       170.00       255.00
12 mo.        165.00       190.00       275.00
3 mo.     $120.00     $125.00     $135.00
6 mo.       170.00       175.00       215.00
9 mo.       210.00       225.00       295.00
12 mo.       235.00       255.00       330.00
3 mo.      $145.00     $175.00     $210.00
6 mo.        285.00       345.00       380.00
BOW UPGRADE   Add $6.00/mo.   Add $6.00/mo.   Add $8.00/mo.
(Carbon or Wood)      

NYS Residents - Above subject to NYS Sales Tax (8%)


You will accumulate Rental Credit which can be applied to the purchase of current rental instruments (or one like it) or an instrument from our Sales Department.  Your Rental Credit will be 100% of the first year paid rental fee.  20% of each additional year paid will be added for max of 2 years.


Above prices covers all damages to the instrument, bow, and case and includes broken string replacement when changed in our shop.

All instruments may be exchanged for a larger/smaller size as needed.

SHIPPING OF RENTALS (Violins and Violas ONLY):
Currently The String House can ship violins and violas to your address for an additional fee. Please call or email for rates.

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