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"My experience searching for a fine instrument at The String House was incredibly pleasurable and rewarding. They worked closely with understanding my specific needs in a violin, both in tone color and projection ability, and matched me with several high quality instruments fitting both these qualifications and my price range. Their extensive knowledge, friendly, and uniquely pressure-free environment made the entire process very enjoyable. I am incredibly grateful for the violin I purchased--it has completely exceeded my expectations!"

Lauren Cauley


What is The String House’s trade-in policy?

Instruments, bows, and cases purchased from The String House may be traded-in for a different size, or a higher quality (or both!). Any violin, viola, or cello has 100% trade-in allowance with no refurbishing fee. All bows excluding fiberglass, has 100% trade-in allowance with no refurbishing fee for upgrades. All cases have 100% trade-in allowance with no refurbishing fee if a case is necessary to accommodate a larger instrument purchased from The String House. All trade-in items must be inspected by The String House for damage in which case, an adjustment would be made.

What is an outfit?

An outfit is the instrument, case, and bow.

Do I need an appointment to try instruments?

An appointment is not necessary, and we are always happy to show instruments during our store hours. However, if you know ahead of time a date and/or time you will be coming, an appointment is advised to enable us to best accommodate your specific needs.

Does The String House ship instruments?

Yes we ship instruments out for trial and purchase. Contact us if you are interested in our shipping option.

I have an instrument from another shop…can I trade that in?

We will consider trade-ins not purchased from us on an individual basis.

Does The String House offer financing?

Yes! Ask us about our 0% financing options.

Are there fine tuners on the instruments?

We can add fine tuners to the instrument you choose to purchase at no additional charge.

What about insurance?

Upon purchase of your new instrument please contact your home owner’s insurance agent and inquire about obtaining a “no deductible insurance rider” for your instrument. This will save you much unnecessary grief and heartache if an accident were to occur.