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"Congratulations to The String House for filling the void that used to exist in finding quality hand-made violas in small sizes. Now one can progress to a larger size all the way to 16 1/2" as one grows, knowing that the quality of instrument will be maintained and the financial trade-in policy be in place. I greatly admire the tasteful craftsmanship in these violas; they provide an ideal voice for the development of each student's individual tone."

William Preucil, Sr
Professor of Music Emeritus
The University of Iowa


How long does it take to rehair a bow?

The standard turn-around time for a bow rehair is 24 hours. This time period may be adjusted according to the number of rehairs waiting to be completed. Loaner bows are available upon request.

How often should I rehair my bow?

It is standard to rehair a bow every 6 months to a year; however this period may vary depending on the amount of use the bow gets.

Should I replace my strings?

Broken or false strings should not be used. Additionally, overused strings may start to sound dull, and should be changed to ensure optimum sound quality in your instrument. We are happy to check your strings for you here at the shop at no charge, or your teacher can suggest when the strings are in need of replacement. Please inquire about our string prices. The String House recommends washing your hands before you play to better preserve your strings.

I can’t turn my pegs, and am having trouble tuning my instrument.

Changes in humidity can make tuning difficult. It is best to try to limit these humidity changes as much as possible. The
String House recommends using a humidifier in the winter, and a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the summer. There are also adjustments that should be made to the pegs at the start of each new season.

**Please note that it is best to avoid home repairs. The String House is always glad to give you an estimate on repairs upon examination at no cost.

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