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"Congratulations to The String House for filling the void that used to exist in finding quality hand-made violas in small sizes. Now one can progress to a larger size all the way to 16 1/2" as one grows, knowing that the quality of instrument will be maintained and the financial trade-in policy be in place. I greatly admire the tasteful craftsmanship in these violas; they provide an ideal voice for the development of each student's individual tone."

William Preucil, Sr
Professor of Music Emeritus
The University of Iowa

About Us  

Established in 1970, The String House located in Rochester, NY is a full service violin shop specializing in fine quality old and vintage instruments as well as a very select collection of modern makers.

Our clientele consists of committed beginners to advanced students and professional musicians in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

With a simple phone call, an individual may request a selection of instruments, bows, or both to be sent out on a trial basis before purchase. If you live nearby or are able to make a trip to our shop, you will be treated to one of the largest selections of fine instruments and bows in the country.

We are confident our highly qualified staff will make you feel at ease as you search for that special instrument or bow.




The String House is once again a Region Sponsor of Scor! String Camps for Adults, supporting the Rochester, Chesapeake, and New England Scor! Camps. Scor! offers inspiring & enriching String Camps for Adults.



**Proud supporter of Strings for Success, a program of The Center for Youth in partnership with Charles T. Lunsford School 19

Supporting positive youth development through music