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"The String House is always there for me with their excellent care and expertise!!"

Lynn Blakeslee
Professor of Violin
The Eastman School of Music


Do I need a teacher to begin playing the violin, viola, cello or bass? Click on "Teacher" tab on homepage

Yes, you should find a teacher even before renting or buying your instrument. Playing a string instrument, even if you are "just seeing if you like it" truly requires a teacher to get you started. We have put together a list of local teachers and schools for your convenience. Please know that our list is by no means complete. We are extremely lucky in the Rochester area to have many wonderful string teachers available. (Teachers - please contact us if you would like to be added or removed)

Should I rent or buy?

Rentals are designed for the new student and provide a short-term commitment option while the student masters the basic skills of his or her instrument. Once the student begins to make the decision to play for an extended period (longer than 1 year) it is beneficial and cost-efficient to buy the instrument.  Yes, we have rentals and instruments for sale!

What is the difference between the superior quality, advancing quality and the regular quality rental?

The regular quality rentals offered at The String House are good-working instruments with great sound quality. They are ideal for the beginning student during the first year of instrument exploration. Advancing quality rentals are for those students who are not quite ready to make the commitment to purchase, yet are progressing quickly through their lesson materials. These instruments offer the superior rich tone quality and exceptional playability necessary while the student develops his or her ear and perfects technique.  The Superior Quality Rentals are selected from our inventory of instruments that we normally sell, however offer to rent to the player that chooses this level.   

Does The String House stock cases, accessories, and music?

We offer many styles of popular cases for violin, viola, and cello in house and ready to go.  We have in stock over 1000 titles of sheet music and books, all Suzuki materials, violin viola cello and bass strings, violin viola cello and bass cases, violin viola cello and bass bows, mutes, tuners, shoulder pads, rosin, stands, and musical novelties for gifts to students and teachers...everything you'll need for your stringed instrument!

Does The String House offer a rent-to-own option?

Our rent-to-own program offers you 100% of the first year rental fee (+ 20% for 2 additional years) towards the purchase of your current rental or an instrument from our Sales Department. This offer is in addition to our already discounted prices!

What does the rental insurance cover?

Our rates include insurance on your instrument rental. Our insurance covers any damage to the instrument, bow or case. This insurance also covers string-replacement in our shop.

Does The String House rent band instruments?

No, we are specially trained to work with violins, violas, and cellos. All our instruments are serviced here in the shop.

What if my child outgrows their rental instrument?

We are happy to switch the rental size throughout the contract period at no additional cost.

What if I need to return my instrument early?

You may return your instrument at any time. If you decide to purchase an instrument from us, we will apply the unused portion of your rental to the sale price.

What kind of strings are on the rental instruments?

Most of our violins and violas are strung with high-quality Dominant strings, however the strings are hand-selected for each individual instrument and some rentals may be strung with Obligato or Evah Pirazzi strings to generate a more brilliant tone. All of our rentals are strung with very high quality strings.