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"Congratulations to The String House for filling the void that used to exist in finding quality hand-made violas in small sizes. Now one can progress to a larger size all the way to 16 1/2" as one grows, knowing that the quality of instrument will be maintained and the financial trade-in policy be in place. I greatly admire the tasteful craftsmanship in these violas; they provide an ideal voice for the development of each student's individual tone."

William Preucil, Sr
Professor of Music Emeritus
The University of Iowa

Fine Instruments  

The instruments that represent this segment of our inventory are of the very finest quality.

Knowing that each of these instruments will some day be in the hands of highly accomplished musicians, and certainly have a profound affect on their lives, is especially gratifying to us. We continually search for exceptional examples of the finest makers.

Our current collection is comprised of the following makers:


Alfredo Contino 1944

Mario Bedocchi 1930

Giulio Degani 1897

Luigi Auciello 1930

C. Magiali 1927

W.E. Hill & Sons 1907

Giuseppe Lecchi 1937

Giovanni Rosadoni 1969

William Whedbee 2009

Vittorio Villa 2011, 2013

Claudio Monteverde 1920

Paul Knorr c.1920

Masetti Fratelli c.1920

Joh. Brueckner for John Friedrich

Ernst Heinrich Roth 1925

Carlo Vettori 1981

Paul Blanchard 1900

Ernesto DeAngelis 1991

E.H. Roth 1926

Georges Cone 1913

Justin Derazay

"Josef Klotz...1820"

Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin 1913

Johann Glass 1912

Otto Erdesz c.1970

Anthony Wrona 1956

N. Vuillaume "Stentor" c.1850

August Gemunder 1884

A. Schudtz 2000, 2001

School of S. Nemessanyi c.1920

G.H. Hicks 1911

Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr.  1901

Mathias Heinicke 1932

J.F. Le Cyr 1925

John Friedrich 1924

Johann Glass 1906

Fritz Pulpaneck 1920, 1924

Fabio Dalla Costa 2001

E.H. Roth 1923

English 18C

A. Delivet 1924

Benjamin Burdette 1988

F&R Enders

Sebastian Klotz 1789

Gabriel Houfflack 1936

Collin Mezin Workshop c.1910


Cesare Maggiali c.1950 16" Italy

Richard Oppelt 1980 16 1/2"

Alfredo Primavera 1980 16 1/2"

D. Tsilimparis 2001 16 1/4"
Gunther Reuter 1988 16 1/2"

Peter Staszel 2008 16 1/8"




Mittenwald c.1880
Hill School c.1890

Frances Borredon



Marc LaBerte

John Acton 1909

Emile Mennesson c.1890

Pierre Flambeau c.1800

Primavera Capellini 1977

Neuner & Hornsteiner c.1870

Carl Neuner c.1890

Ludwig Glaesel 1926

D.S. Hoffman 2015