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"As Executive and Artist Director of the Academy of Strings, I can recommend The String House of Rochester, New York without hesitation. They have provided instruments of outstanding quality and value to our students for over fifteen years. Their willingness to work with our families in their choice of an instrument is in my opinion, second to none in the country. This type of service and genuine interest in matching instrument to musician is hard to come by these days. When you couple sincere help and advice with the highest value pricing I have seen, you end up with a winning combination."

Timothy Barrett
Executive and Artist Director
Academy of Strings, Johnson City, TN


To the player the choice of bow is critical to the overall sound of his instrument, and will invariably enhance one's ability to perform. A bow may be selected for any number of reasons, but in the end, the choice is always personal in nature.

From student to virtuoso, The String House has always felt it imperative to provide a wide range of select bows to meet the players needs. Our collection consists of today's fine contemporary makers as well as the English and French masters of the "Old School". The following is a partial list of bows available at The String House:

CODA BOW - CodaBow is the premier family of carbon fiber performance bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. The String House carries the complete line of bows that enhance all levels of performance from student to professional. Please call us for pricing.

ARCOS BRASIL - Committed to quality, Arcos Brasil has been able to produce student bows of remarkable excellence and make their bows as close to perfection as possible. Contact us for pricing and availability.

JON PAUL BOWS - JonPaul Bows strongly support conservation efforts to protect dwindling rain forests and wood supplies. Since their start in 1997, JonPaul Bows has pioneered the use of alternative materials to make great-playing carbon fiber composite bows. They also support the production of wood bows made from existing wood stocks and the responsible harvesting of renewable woods.


Pierre Simon

N. Maline N/E
Francois Peccatte N/E (2)
Eugene Sartory S/E (2)
Francois Nicolas Voirin S/E
Francois Nicolas Voirin S/E (Vuillaume)

Hippolyte Camille Lamy S/E

Jos. Alfred Lamy S/E (2)


M.A. Husson c.1925 S/E

Atelier Jean Joseph Martin N/E

Roget Francois Lotte c.1965 S/E

Louis Bazin N/E

Jos. Voirin S/E

Simon Fr. N/E

Marie Louis Piernot S/E

Pierre Maline S/E

W.E. Hill & Sons S/E c.1926 (2)
Charles Alfred Bazin S/E

Eugene Cuniot Hury c.1895

Malcolm Taylor G/E

Marcel Lapierre S/E

James Tubbs S/E c.1910


Eugene Cuniot Hury S/E

Francois Lotte S/E

Marc LaBerte N/E (2)

Cuniot Hury N/E (2)

P. Serdet S/E

Charles Nicolas Bazin N/E
Francois Lotte N/E
Siegfried Finkel SE

Louis Morizot Fr. S/E
Albert Nurnberger S/E (6)

Ferret & Marcotte Atel N/E

Grandini N/E
Louis Morizot Fr. N/E

Malcolm M. Taylor S/E

W.E. Hill & Sons (WE H&S)

Marc Laberte Atelier

JTL Workshop c.1900

J.T.L. S/E

Christian Wanka S/E

G.A. Paulus S/E

Carl-Suess S/E

Jerome Thibouville-Lamy S/E Qty. 6
Otto A. Hoyer S/E "Pariser"
Marc Laberte N/E

Adolf C. Schuster S/E
H.R. Pfretzschner S/E
Paul Kanack G/E
A.E. Prager S/E

R. Weichold-Dresden



Roget Lotte

Marcel LaPierre

Charles Afred Bazin

Francois Bazin
Georg Lyon Lamy S/E

Roger Francois Lotte c.1960

J.F. Daber


Siegfried Finkel

W.E. Hill & Sons

G. Gohde


Morizot Freres

Malcolm Taylor G/E

Malcolm Taylor S/E

Rodney Mohr

Garner Wilson G/M

Marc LaBerte S/E

Wm. Moennig & Sons

Celestin Emil Clasquin

Lyonnaise c.1980

Klaus W. Uebel (4)

Wm. Moennig & Son S/E


Charles Bazin

Claude Thomassin S/E

Louis Morizot Freres (2)
Jerome Th. Lamy N/E

J.T.L c.1890
John "Kew" Dodd

Marc Laberte

Posper Colas S/E

Emile Francois S/E

Marie Louis Piernot


R. Dotschkail*** S/E

W.E. Hill & Sons S/E (Bishop)

W.E. Hill & Sons (Leeson)

W.E. Hill & Sons

Albert Nurnberger S/E

Jerome-Thibouville-Lamy S/E (2)
Rodney D. Mohr
Bausch/Knopf Workshop N/E

Andreus Uebel S/E

Albert Kramling S/E

BASS BOWS - Pernambuco

Albert Nurnberger N/E F
Jerome Thibouville-Lamy S/E F
Robert Reichel N/E G
H.R. Pfretzschner Workshop N/E F
A. Carvalho S/E F

A. Carvalho S/E F
Emil Dupree N/E F
Claudmano Santos S/E G
Valdecir N/E G
Unstamped N/E F
Unstamped N/E G